The motor


printed solid-

state motors

Previously only available in military applications, the MAX motors utilize a brand-new type of technology: circuit-board motors.

The motor’s electrical design was created by a proprietary algorithm that runs hundreds of optimization routines. Three times the torque, six times the current capacity, four times the resolution. The combined effect is awesome!

Feature Highlights

HiFi Torque

Analog physics has limitless capacity for inertia. Camera Operators intuitively leverage inertia for shots all the time. To control inertia, the MAX motors have three times as much available torque and six times as much current capacity to drive the motors harder without breaking a sweat.

All of this torque is available for the operator to use creatively. Whip pans—check.

Encoder Resolution
Electrical current
Feature Highlights

Unlock New


The best cinematic tools offer continuums of control. Out of these continuums, the cinematographer can choose how to tell a story across a narrative, one decision at a time. The Inertia Wheels puts new, yet intuitive, tactile spectrums at your fingertips Digital Mass and Drag. And MAX motors enable you to crank them up to 11 with the twist of a dial.

Mass is weight you can feel weight in your hands. Digital Mass is weight you can dynamically change in your hands. Drag is friction. Digital drag is friction you can change with the push of a button. Beyond the mind-blowing Mass and Drag of the MAX motors, the Inertia Wheels have an abundance of parameters you can adjust in real time to control the continuums of framing in the Arc Engine.



Inertia Wheels Brushless and Inertia Wheels MAX are becoming unique product lines. Existing owners have a limited-time option to upgrade Inertia Wheels to MAX




Compatible with

Compatible with

  • Ronin (1, 2, M, MX, RS, RS2)
  • Freefly MōVI (Pro, XL)
  • eMotimo ST4*
  • Arri Trinity 1 / Maxima*
  • Inspire 2*
  • Shotover*
  • Newton Nordic*
  • Kessler Cineshooter*
  • Talon Head*
  • Defy EX Camera*
  • Filmotechnic Heads*
  • Virtual Production: Cinetracer, Unreal Engine, Cinema4D
  • NODO Training Software
*Requires additional purchase such as cables or digital signal adapter.
In the Box: MAX 2-Axis Kit

In the Box: MAX 2-Axis Kit

  • Inertia Wheels MAX
  • Wireless Receiver
  • AC-DC Power Supply and Cable
  • D-Tap Power Cable - 18in
  • Foam (fits SKB 2011-8)
  • Com Cable for Freefly Gimbals
  • Com Cable for Ronins with D.Bus Port
  • 20ft Hardwire Cable
  • 2.4 GHz TX Antenna
  • 900 MHz TX Antenna
  • 900 MHz RX Antenna
In the Box: MAX 3-Axis Kit

In the Box: MAX 3-Axis Kit

  • Everything in Inertia Wheels MAX 2-Axis Kit
  • Third Axis Wheel (non-motorized)
  • Third Axis Cable - 6in
  • Third Axis Cable - 12ft
  • Extra Freefly Com Cable
  • Extra Ronin D.Bus Com Cable
  • XLR Power Cable
  • Accessory Bracket


  • Range: 1 Mile
  • Technology: Full Duplex Dual-System Radio
  • Uplink: 400-500 MHz and 800-1000 MHz
  • Downlink: 2.4 GHz


  • 2-Axis Weight: 14 lbs
  • 3-Axis Weight: 22 lbs
  • Box Dimensions: 300mm x 530mm x 220mm
  • Battery Mounting Patterns: Gold Plate + V-Lock + Ignite Digi TB50
  • Base Holes: 4x 3/8-16 & 4x 1/4-20
  • 4x Rubber Feet
  • 3x Mitchell Mount Key Way Holes at 0°, 45° and 90°


  • Power: 10-35v DC
  • AUX: RS-485 and UART
  • 3rd Axis: RS-485
  • Hardwire Ports: 4-Pin RS-485
  • Firmware Updates: Micro USB 2.0
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